Bet on Euro 2024 with confidence. Enjoy a generous welcome bonus of +500% on JILIBET deposits. Bet on

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Bet on Euro 2024 with confidence. Enjoy a generous welcome bonus of +500% on JILIBET deposits. Bet on your favorite teams to secure the best odds and maximize your winnings with our expert tips and strategies. Join JILIBET casino now and make the most of Europe’s biggest football tournament!

Bet on Euro 2024 with confidence. Enjoy a generous welcome bonus of +500% on JILIBET deposits. Bet on

Euro 2024 Betting Introduction

Euro 2024 offers exciting opportunities for both new and experienced bettors. With a wide range of markets, you can place bets on match results, top scorers and various in-game events. Understanding the basics of gambling is essential to making informed decisions and increasing your chances of success.

JILIBET’s platform provides comprehensive resources to help you get started. From detailed guides on different bet types to expert analysis and tips, we make sure you have all the information you need to place your bets with confidence. Explore various options and enhance your betting experience in this top football tournament.

The importance of understanding the team and players

Understanding the teams and players at Euro 2024 is crucial to making an informed bet. Every team has unique strengths and weaknesses, and understanding these can give you a significant advantage. Familiarize yourself with team formations, recent performances and key players to enhance your betting strategy.

  • ⭕Analyze team formations and tactics.
  • ⭕Review recent game performances.
  • ⭕Stay up to date on player injuries and suspensions.
  • ⭕Understand the impact key players have on the game.
  • ⭕Compare the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

At JILIBET, we provide detailed insights and analysis to help you stay informed. Understanding player statistics and injury reports can greatly influence your decision. Use this information to predict match outcomes and player performance.

The main betting types for Euro 2024

Understanding the various betting types available for Euro 2024 is crucial for both new and experienced bettors. Each bet type offers unique opportunities and strategies that allow you to maximize your potential returns. Familiarize yourself with the different options to enhance your experience and make informed decisions.

There are many ways to get involved in the game, from simple match winner bets to more complex handicap bets. Explore a variety of betting markets to find the one that best suits your methods and preferences. Whether you prefer high-risk, high-reward betting or more conservative options, there’s something for everyone in the exciting world of Euro 2024.

Match betting

Match betting is the simplest form of betting on football matches. Here you can predict the outcome by selecting one of three options: home team win, draw or away team win.

Known as the 1X2 bet, it remains popular due to its simplicity, but often offers lower odds for favorites. To increase the chances of achieving higher returns, participants are encouraged to conduct in-depth match analysis and use statistics to help make more informed choices and potentially identify opportunities to increase their odds.

Bet TypeDescription
Match ResultPredict Home Win, Draw, or Away Win.
Double ChanceCover two outcomes (e.g., Home Win or Draw).
Draw No BetRemove draw; stake refunded if match is a draw.
Half Time/Full TimePredict result at both half time and full time.

Score Betting

On our platform we offer a variety of score betting options to enhance your experience. One of the most popular markets is the Over/Under market. This bet involves predicting whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be above or below a specified market value. For example, in the Over 1.5 Goals market, you bet on whether at least two goals will be scored in the match.

Another exciting option is Two Teams To Score (BTTS). In this market, you predict whether two teams will score at least one goal within 90 minutes of play. As long as both teams can score, the total number of goals doesn’t matter. Extensions to this bet include BTTS for each half or combining BTTS with the match result.

  • Over/Below Target: Predict whether the overall target is above or below the set value.
  • Both Teams To Score (BTTS): Betting on whether both teams will score.
  • First/Next/Last Team to Goal: Bet on which team will score the first, next or last goal.
  • Team Goals Total: Predict the total number of goals scored by a specific team.
  • Correct Score: Predict the exact final score of the game.

In addition, you can bet on the team to score first/next goal/last goal, and you can predict which team will score a goal at a specific moment of the match. Team Goals Total allows you to predict a team’s goal total, usually providing the options of an exact number, an over/under amount, or an odd/even total. Correct Score Betting challenges you to predict the exact final score, offering higher rewards for accurate predictions.

Player specific bets

On our JILIBET platform, you can explore a variety of player-specific bets to enhance your experience. Goalscorer betting allows you to predict which player will score a goal in a match or the entire match. While the odds on top attackers are often poor, these bets can still pay off if the predictions are correct.

Top Goalscorer betting focuses on the player who has scored the most goals at the end of the tournament. By betting on first or last goal scorer, you can bet on who will score the first or last goal in a match. For those concerned about disciplinary action, you can bet on whether a player will receive a card or be sent off, with red cards having higher odds.

Bet TypeDescription
Goal ScorerBet on a player to score in a match or the entire competition.
Top Goal ScorerPlayer with the highest total goals by the end of the tournament.
1st/Last Goal ScorerPredict who will score the first or last goal in a match.
Player Shown a CardWager on a player to receive a yellow or red card.
Player Sent OffBet on a player to be sent off with a red card.
Player to Have a ShotBet on a player to take a shot during the game.
To Score or AssistBet on a player to either score a goal or provide an assist.
Anytime AssistWager on a player to provide an assist at any point in the game.

Long term bet

We offer amateur football enthusiasts a long-term and diverse selection. Euro 2024 is just around the corner and you’re about to get to the finale.

  • ⭕European Cup 2024 Champions.
  • ⭕Shortlisted teams.
  • ⭕Top scorer of the tournament.
  • ⭕Team with the most goals.
  • ⭕Team that conceded the most goals.

Live Betting

Our platform delivers an immersive live betting experience for Euro 2024. Dynamic methods add excitement and new dimensions to your gaming experience.

On our platform you can place bets on a variety of live events, such as:

  • ⭕The next team to score.
  • ⭕The total number of goals scored in this game.
  • ⭕Half time/full time results.

Our live odds are constantly updated to reflect the current game status, ensuring you get the most accurate and competitive odds available. Explore our options and take your football betting to the next level with JILIBET.

Euro 2024 Betting Strategy

An effective strategy is crucial to getting the most out of your Euro 2024 betting. Implementing a disciplined approach ensures you make informed decisions rather than relying on luck.

Our platform provides comprehensive resources to help you develop and refine your strategy. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, we provide the tools and insights you need to bet smartly. Learn how to identify trends, evaluate team performance and use various betting markets to your advantage.

Learn about betting odds

Our platform provides clear and concise betting odds to help you make informed decisions for Euro 2024. They indicate how much money you can win based on your bet. Higher odds indicate a lower chance of winning but offer a larger potential payout, while lower odds indicate a higher chance of winning but offer a smaller payout.

By understanding and analyzing betting odds, you can decide which bets to place. Here are the key points to consider:

  • ⭕High odds mean higher potential payouts, but lower odds.
  • ⭕Low odds mean the potential payout is lower, but the odds are higher.
  • ⭕Compare odds across different markets to find the best value.
  • ⭕Use odds to evaluate the risk and reward of each bet.
  • ⭕Check regularly for odds updates before placing your bet.

Betting Tips and Techniques

Exploring different betting options can enhance your experience and potentially increase your profits. Strategies such as corner kicks, using double chance bets, backing favorites, focusing on goal-based markets, and placing small stakes bets all offer unique opportunities. Each of these techniques has its own advantages and can be customized for different risk appetites and levels of expertise.

  • Corner Kick Betting: This involves predicting the number of corner kicks taken, the team taking the corner kick and which team will take the first or last corner kick. This is a high odds market where profits can be made due to its unpredictability. A good strategy includes analyzing corner kick statistics and possession, as well as betting on matches to compare team performance.
  • Double Chance Betting: Ideal for risk-averse bettors, this market allows you to bet on two of three possible outcomes (home team to win or draw, away team to win or draw, either team to win). This bet increases your winning odds to 66.6%, which is useful when your favorite team’s chances of winning outright are low. Analyze team status, including injuries, penalties and recent performance to maximize success.
  • Betting on the Favorite: This strategy involves backing the most likely outcome based on the team’s past performance. It offers a high chance of winning due to the reliability of the favorites and accurate assessment by bookmakers. While it doesn’t guarantee a win, it minimizes the risk of losing and is simple for amateur bettors.
  • Goal-based market betting: focuses on predicting the number of goals scored in a match, rather than the outcome of the match. This market is easier to predict and offers better odds. It requires an in-depth look at a team’s goals per game average, current form and the types of goals conceded.
  • Make small stakes: Start with small stakes to minimize risk and build experience over time. Small stakes bets are more affordable, safer, and provide learning opportunities without significant losses. They help you develop a betting strategy and gain confidence over time.

Euro 2024 odds

JILIBET platform provides a comprehensive overview of Euro 2024 odds, providing bettors with the latest and most accurate information. Understanding the odds is crucial to making informed decisions and maximizing potential returns. We offer a wide range of options, allowing you to explore various markets and find the best opportunities.

Euro 2024 odds are constantly updated to reflect current events and team performance. This ensures that you have access to the most relevant data when placing your bets. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing both beginners and experienced bettors to easily navigate and find the information they need. Explore odds and enhance your betting strategy with our reliable resources.

Winner odds

On the JILIBET platform, we offer competitive odds for the 2024 European Cup winner. These odds can give you an insight into each team’s likelihood of winning the tournament. Betting on outright winners is a popular option that offers exciting opportunities for experienced bettors and novices alike. Here are the odds for the top teams in the current competition:


Match odds

Our platform offers the best odds on Euro 2024 matches. Here are some important odds for the upcoming games. Compare options and choose the best bet to maximize your winnings.

We make sure you get the most competitive odds on every game. Our platform provides detailed information to help you make informed betting decisions, whether you are a beginner or an experienced bettor. Explore odds and find the best betting opportunities.

Team 1DrawTeam 2
1.28 on Germany at 1Win5.60 at 1Win11.00 on Scotland at 1Win
3.25 on Hungary at 1Win3.45 at 1Win2.22 on Switzerland at 1Win
1.74 on Spain at 1Win3.60 at 1Win5.00 on Croatia at 1Win
1.39 on Italy at 1Win4.60 at 1Win8.80 on Albania at 1Win
4.80 on Poland at 1Win4.10 at 1Win1.67 on Netherlands at 1Win
4.80 on Slovenia at 1Win3.55 at 1Win1.79 on Denmark at 1Win
6.60 on Serbia at 1Win4.40 1Win1.49 on England at 1Win

Euro 2024 betting bankroll management

Effective bankroll management is crucial for any bettor looking to achieve maximum success with their Euro 2024 bets. By setting a dedicated budget, you can place your bets strategically and maintain financial control. This ensures that you only use specifically allocated funds, preventing any negative impact on your personal finances.

Understanding and implementing correct bankroll management techniques can significantly enhance your betting experience. It includes setting your bet limits, determining appropriate bet sizes, and continually monitoring your payouts. This disciplined approach helps identify patterns and adjust strategies as needed, contributing to long-term success.

Make a budget and stick to it

At JILIBET we stress the importance of setting a budget for your betting activities. Creating a clear budget helps you manage your money responsibly and prevent overspending. Determine how much you can afford to lose without affecting your financial stability. This ensures that it remains an enjoyable activity without the financial stress.

Sticking to a budget is crucial to long-term gambling success. It ensures that you enjoy the excitement without facing financial stress. Use these tips to maintain budget discipline:

  • Set a Fixed Amount: Decide on a specific amount of activity that you can afford to lose. This should be separate from your essential expenses.
  • Track your bets: Keep a detailed record of your bets, including amounts, results and dates. This can help you understand your spending and identify any patterns.
  • Avoid chasing losses: Even if you have losses, stick to your budget. Chasing losses can lead to recklessness and further financial stress.
  • Review and adjust: Review your budget regularly and make adjustments when necessary. Make sure it fits your financial situation and goals.
  • Use betting units: Break your budget into smaller units. By consistently betting with these units, you can manage your bankroll effectively and avoid huge losses.

Euro 2024 schedule

The Euro 2024 tournament will be an exciting event, featuring top teams from across Europe. Tournaments will be held in multiple cities, providing fans with the opportunity to watch their favorite teams compete at the highest level. The schedule includes a series of group stages, knockout rounds and finals, ensuring the exciting football action continues.

Fans can expect a well-structured schedule that balances team games and breaks. Each game promises intense competition and the opportunity for an underdog story to unfold. Stay tuned for dates and venues to capture every moment of this prestigious tournament.

Group stage matches

Our website provides detailed information for the Euro 2024 group stages. The group stage will last until June 26 to determine which teams advance to the knockout rounds.

The groups are as follows:

Group AGermany (host), Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland
Group BSpain, Croatia, Italy, Albania
Group CSlovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England
Group DPoland*, Netherlands, Austria, France
Group EBelgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine*
Group FTurkey, Georgia*, Portugal, Czechia

The following is the 2024 European Cup group stage schedule:

Date & TimeMatch
June 14, 21:00 CETGermany vs. Scotland (Munich)
June 16, 18:00 CETHungary vs. Switzerland (Berlin)
June 19, 21:00 CETGermany vs. Hungary (Stuttgart)
June 21, 18:00 CETScotland vs. Switzerland (Munich)
June 24, 21:00 CETSwitzerland vs. Germany (Berlin)
June 24, 21:00 CETScotland vs. Hungary (Leipzig)
June 15, 18:00 CETSpain vs. Croatia (Berlin)
June 15, 21:00 CETItaly vs. Albania (Dortmund)
June 19, 15:00 CETCroatia vs. Albania (Hamburg)
June 20, 21:00 CETSpain vs. Italy (Gelsenkirchen)
June 24, 21:00 CETAlbania vs. Spain (Düsseldorf)
June 24, 21:00 CETCroatia vs. Italy (Leipzig)
June 16, 18:00 CETSlovenia vs. Denmark (Stuttgart)
June 16, 21:00 CETSerbia vs. England (Gelsenkirchen)
June 20, 15:00 CETSlovenia vs. Serbia (Munich)
June 20, 18:00 CETDenmark vs. England (Frankfurt)
June 25, 21:00 CETEngland vs. Slovenia (Cologne)
June 25, 21:00 CETDenmark vs. Serbia (Munich)
June 16, 15:00 CETPoland vs. Netherlands (Hamburg)
June 17, 21:00 CETAustria vs. France (Düsseldorf)
June 21, 18:00 CETPoland vs. Austria (Berlin)
June 21, 21:00 CETNetherlands vs. France (Leipzig)
June 25, 18:00 CETFrance vs. Poland (Dortmund)
June 25, 18:00 CETNetherlands vs. Austria (Berlin)
June 17, 15:00 CETRomania vs. Ukraine (Munich)
June 17, 18:00 CETBelgium vs. Slovakia (Frankfurt)
June 21, 15:00 CETSlovakia vs. Ukraine (Düsseldorf)
June 22, 21:00 CETBelgium vs. Romania (Cologne)
June 26, 18:00 CETUkraine vs. Belgium (Stuttgart)
June 26, 18:00 CETSlovakia vs. Romania (Frankfurt)
June 18, 18:00 CETTurkey vs. Georgia (Dortmund)
June 18, 21:00 CETPortugal vs. Czechia (Leipzig)
June 22, 15:00 CETGeorgia vs. Czechia (Hamburg)
June 22, 18:00 CETTurkey vs. Portugal (Dortmund)
June 26, 21:00 CETCzechia vs. Turkey (Hamburg)
June 26, 21:00 CETGeorgia vs. Portugal (Gelsenkirchen)

Knockout stage matches

Our website provides detailed information about the knockout stage matches of Euro 2024. The knockout phase begins after the group stage and includes exciting matches in various cities. Here are the competition details:

June 29, 6:00 PM CET2nd Group A vs. 2nd Group B (Berlin, Olympiastadion)
June 29, 9:00 PM CET1st Group A vs. 2nd Group C (Dortmund, Westfalenstadion)
June 30, 6:00 PM CET1st Group B vs. 3rd Group A/D/E/F (Cologne, RheinEnergieStadion)
June 30, 9:00 PM CET1st Group C vs. 3rd Group A/B/D (Munich, Allianz Arena)
July 1, 6:00 PM CET1st Group D vs. 3rd Group B/E/F (Stuttgart, MHPArena)
July 1, 9:00 PM CET1st Group E vs. 2nd Group D (Frankfurt, Waldstadion)
July 2, 6:00 PM CET1st Group F vs. 2nd Group E (Leipzig, Red Bull Arena)
July 2, 9:00 PM CET

2nd Group F vs. 2nd Group C (Gelsenkirchen, Arena AufSchalke)

The winners of the round of 16 will advance to the quarter-finals on July 5-6. Here are the details:

July 5, 6:00 PM CETWinner Match 1 vs. Winner Match 2 (Berlin, Olympiastadion)
July 5, 9:00 PM CETWinner Match 3 vs. Winner Match 4 (Dortmund, Westfalenstadion)
July 6, 6:00 PM CETWinner Match 5 vs. Winner Match 6 (Stuttgart, MHPArena)
July 6, 9:00 PM CETWinner Match 7 vs. Winner Match 8 (Munich, Allianz Arena)
July 9, 9:00 PM CETWinner Quarter-Final 1 vs. Winner Quarter-Final 2 (Düsseldorf, Merkur Spiel-Arena)
July 10, 9:00 PM CETWinner Quarter-Final 3 vs. Winner Quarter-Final 4 (Frankfurt, Waldstadion)


Our website is pleased to provide detailed information about the Euro 2024 finals. The two best teams in this tournament will compete for the championship title, making it a must-see event for fans around the world.

The final will bring exciting moments and high stakes. Fans can expect top performances from the players, who have fought hard to reach this stage. The atmosphere inside the stadium will be electric with thousands of supporters cheering for their teams.

  • ⭕Date: July 14
  • ⭕Time: 9:00 PM CET
  • ⭕Location: Berlin Olympic Stadium
  • ⭕Team: Semi-final winner

Stay informed during the game

Our website ensures you are kept informed throughout Euro 2024. By staying informed, you can adjust your strategy based on real-time information and maximize your chances of winning.

We provide comprehensive coverage and analysis of every game, providing insights that can give you your edge. Whether it’s injury reports, team form or tactical changes, our updates will keep you ahead of the game. Use our resources to stay on top of all the goings-on during the competition.

  • ⭕Live match updates and scores.
  • ⭕In-depth player and team statistics.
  • ⭕Latest news and expert analysis.
  • ⭕Injury report and lineup changes.
  • ⭕Live betting odds.

Monitor team news and updates

Our website provides updates on team news and player status to help you make informed betting decisions. Keeping track of the latest team news is crucial to understanding potential game outcomes. Injuries, suspensions and roster changes can all significantly impact the outcome.

  • ⭕Injury report.
  • ⭕Suspension details.
  • ⭕Lineup changes.
  • ⭕Team form.
  • ⭕Coaching strategies.

We recommend checking regularly for the latest updates. Our platform provides timely information on player status, team status and other relevant factors. This ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date betting data.


Euro 2024

JILIBET provides a comprehensive platform to enjoy the 2024 European Cup. As the competition unfolds, we provide analysis and helpful resources to maximize your chances of success.

Our commitment to user satisfaction is reflected in the quality of our services and the diversity of available options. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bettor, at JILIBET you’ll find everything you need to experience the excitement of Euro 2024 in a smart and safe way. We invite you to explore our offers and make the most of every betting opportunity!


To bet on Euro 2024 on our site, create an account, log in and navigate to the Euro 2024 section. Select the match you wish to bet on, select your preferred bet type and enter the amount. Confirm your bet and it will be placed immediately.

The most popular bets during Euro 2024 include match winner bets, goal over bets and handicap bets. These options provide diverse opportunities for both new and experienced bettors, catering for a variety of betting strategies and preferences.

Yes, JILIBET offers exclusive promotions and bonuses for UEFA Euro 2024. Check our promotions page regularly for the latest offers.

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